Bahria University Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences <p><strong>BUJHSS</strong> (Bahria University Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences) is a multidisciplinary biannual journal having an advisory panel from world’s leading universities. The Journal employs double blind peer review process as per <strong>HEC</strong> guidelines. Research scholars and doctoral students (Pakistani and Foreigners / Public and Private Universities) who wish to contribute their original, unpublished articles and book reviews on different issues may submit their manuscript (both theoretical and applied manuscripts). The journal is published from the <strong>Department</strong><strong> of Humanities and Social Sciences, Bahria University, Karachi campus.</strong></p> en-US (Dr. Sahar Afshan) (BUJHSS) Fri, 31 Dec 2021 02:04:25 -0700 OJS 60 PERCEPTION OF LEADERSHIP STYLE ON WORK COMMITMENT AMONG NURSES <p>Valuable nursing management stimulates staff withholding, job<br>contentment, loyalty, workplace culture and patient satisfaction with nursing<br>services. The purpose of this study is to understand the perception of leadership<br>style on work commitment among nurses who are working in a hospital in<br>Pakistan. The objectives that guided the study were to investigate whether nurses<br>perceive their managers being leaders in their organization, how nurses think<br>the leaders can affect their work commitment, qualities of a leader and factors<br>increasing work dedication. In-depth qualitative interviews’ procedure has been<br>done with the nurses of a hospital in Karachi, Pakistan. The study followed the<br>qualitative research approach. Thematic Analysis method was used in the study<br>with 22 participants. Overall, the results imply that the hospital guiding<br>principles should be obliged to work on leadership styles of managers with<br>empowerment to enhance work commitment among nurses. The findings of this<br>study may contribute to the healthcare hospital by upgrading the insightful<br>influences of leadership styles on work commitment amid nursing staff.</p> Dr. Masood Hassan, Urooj Azmat, Zahra Hussain Copyright (c) 2021 Fri, 31 Dec 2021 00:00:00 -0700 ENHANCING ORGANIZATIONAL PERFORMANCE THROUGH TALENT MANAGEMENT PRACTICES <p>The increment in the level of competition in current times forces organizations to implement strategies to achieve superiority over their competitors. These strategies entail selecting and holding highly talented human capital as it can be the source of excellence which contributes towards organizational success. Talent management is all about focusing on the organizational future needs. It is essential element of human capital strategy particularly long term. The main motive behind the conduction of this study is to probe the efficacy of TM practices over organizational performance. The study design is cross sectional and dual approaches have been implemented (both inductive &amp; deductive). Qualitative as well as quantitative methods are employed for the collection of required data. The results or outcomes of this study disclosed that all the targeted TM practices in this study has consequential as well as favorable impact or efficacy over the level of performance exhibited by HBL. There is need to keep due consideration on the successful implementation of talent management strategies or practices as they give more emphasis on the importance or significance of human asset value in achieving organizational performance thereby enhancing the level of competitive advantage. The study employed cross sectional design and has small sample size. Future studies could be pursued by employing longitudinal design, increasing sample size as well as adding mediating or moderating variable in the model under evaluation.</p> Sadaf Alam, Rafia Alam, Hina Mubeen Copyright (c) 2021 Fri, 31 Dec 2021 00:00:00 -0700 SEARCHING FOR THE SOUL OF THE NATION IN HENRY BELLBELL-GAM’S THE HIDDEN TREASURE AND AHMED YERIMA’S HARD GROUND, WHO DARES: ETHNICITY, POLITICS OR RELIGION? <p>From time immemorial, ethnicity, politics and religion have stood as archenemies to any supposedly progressive nation. This has given credence to Karl Marx’s religious maxim. Ethnicity, politics and religion and their attendant misunderstandings and misapplications have been the subject of numerous academic and social discourses, yet, there is nothing concrete to report. The shape of national politics that once worked and the scholarly projections therein are progressively becoming non-operational and have subsequently transformed into contemporary ideological standpoints which on daily basis are struggling to remain afloat. There is the need to constantly engage the nation in academic postulations in order to curb what has kept the nation restless, pontificating in different intellectual round-tables without remarkable achievements. This paper reflects on the prism of searching for the soul of the nation as the only adequate mirror in concretely reflecting the society the way it is and proffering solutions. This paper anchors its analysis on Henry Bell-Gam’s the Hidden Treasure and Ahmed Yerima’s Hard Ground with the characters of Eze Omasi and Nimi on the centre of magnetism. Oscar Lewis’ Culture of Poverty theory plays a significant role in this paper. The consideration shows how these playwrights interrogate and reflect the modern-day Nigerian society with her pockets of agitations, criminality, insurgencies, insurrections, political ineptitude thereof. The paper recommends that for the society to gear towards real development that will subdue the issue of criminalities, et al, ethnicity, religion and politics should be played with human face: sincerity, honesty and love.</p> Eziwho Emenike Azunwo, Odoyi Harmony Ebenezer Copyright (c) 2021 Fri, 31 Dec 2021 00:00:00 -0700 NEWSPAPER REPORTING OF THE POLITICAL PARTIES A COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF ENGLISH NEWSPAPERS DURING THE GENERAL ELECTIONS OF PAKISTAN 2018 <p>This research study aims to investigate the reporting patterns of newspapers during the general elections of Pakistan 2018 in the light of agenda setting and framing theory that enlightens the coverage of political parties of Pakistan in the two leading English newspapers Daily Dawn and The Nation. Content analysis of Opinion pages (of 1 month) was conducted to measure the frequency, placement and the tone of the news coverage of political parties. The result indicates that The Nation covered more items on its editorial page than the Daily Dawn. It is found that both the newspapers have given more salience to PMLN as compared to any other political party. The results also show that other political parties like MMA, BNP, ANP and BAP were under representation in both the newspapers. Also, most of the coverage of these newspapers re PMLN portrays the pro approach. The study also draws attention to the fact that there seems no equality in the coverage of the political parties. On the other hand, the Dawn has given space to public voice via letters to editors whereas the Nation focused on their editorials.</p> Abdul Bari, Usama Hassan Soomro Copyright (c) 2021 Fri, 31 Dec 2021 00:00:00 -0700 PROCEDURE OF CRIMINAL APPEAL IN THE LIGHT OF JUDICIAL PRECEDENTS <p>The discussion in the paper is section-wise and in consonance with the<br>Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) of 1898 of Pakistan. The central purpose of<br>writing this paper is to bring forward the precise account of the sections of CrPC<br>as akin to Appeal. The reason for mainly relying on the case laws for explaining<br>the topic is twofold. Firstly, we commonly have access to the text of the concerned<br>code, but the Code's language is so convolutedly laid down that we sometimes<br>make equivocal interpretations of the same. Here the case laws contain the<br>explanations of these sections done by the illustrious and legally adept judges.<br>Moreover, the plus point is that the judges’ elucidation has more value because<br>of their position and lifetime practical acquaintance. Secondly, the case laws<br>contain practical implications of the provisions of the Code. It demonstrates how<br>a said provision is used in real situations. The practical implications of the<br>provisions enable us to look at them from numerous angles and make diverse<br>interpretations of the same. To be brief, case laws show how and in how many<br>ways a provision can be employed in practical situations.</p> Umar Farooq Tipu, Sajida Faraz Copyright (c) 2021 Fri, 31 Dec 2021 00:00:00 -0700